"...I have loved you with an everlasting love..." — Jeremiah 31:3
6oth Street Baptist Church

Centered in Pinellas County, Florida as well as in the heart of Pinellas Park, 60th Street Baptist Church serves as a hospital for sinners, a beacon of light for those needing hope and encouragement and a place where people of all backgrounds and races gather together in one setting to worship the Creator of the Universe. We welcome you to come and “Feel His Love” !

60th Street Baptist Church

Feel His Love in Worship

Worship, the beauty of music, heart-felt prayer and the preaching of God's Holy Word combine to create a true experience of Worship. Come and experience genuine worship!

Feel His Love Through Music

You'll find an array of opportunities at 60th Street Baptist Church to use and develop your talents for God. The 60th Street Baptist Church Worship Choir, Hand Bell Choir, Ensembles, Contemporary Praise Band, Drama and more. Come and experience enriching music!

Feel His Love Through Bible Study

60th Street Baptist Church offers Bible classes for the entire family. You will have an opportunity to explore the Word in an atmosphere of warmth and fellowship. Come and explore God's Word with us!


Feel His Love in a Family Atmosphere

Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for many years, there are activities and opportunities for you. You will be able to build long lasting relationships in which you can find encouragement, accountability and care for your marriage and family. Come grow your family with us!

Feel His Love in Our Youth Group

The Youth Group ministry, (TRIBE), of the 60th Street Baptist Church is a great place for youth on Wednesday nights. Children as well as teens enjoy the games and Bible training they receive from experienced and energetic Youth Leaders. Come along with your children and feel the excitement!

Feel His Love in Our Senior's Ministry

Those enjoying their "golden years" will find a loving and nurturing environment in which to learn God's Word. Our "Young at Heart" senior's ministry provides ample opportunities to stay active in God's service. Come and feel the warmth of other seniors!

"For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." — Acts 4:20

60th Street Baptist Church
6oth Street Baptist Church

Sharing the Good News Worldwide

The necessity of reaching people for Jesus Christ is best demonstrated through our personal witness and lifestyle in the community and our financial commitment to missions all over the world. Visiting a loved one in the hospital / door-to-door / food for the hungry / sponsoring a missionary to a distant land / all reflect a church concerned for the world. Join us in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ!