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Steven Smith

Director of Worship

I have served as a Worship Leader since 1980. I love leading the congregation in worship. It’s the highlight of each week. It has helped me to grow in my Christian walk with the Lord. God has blessed us with wonderful talent, which makes my responsibilities a lot lighter. I’m honored to be surrounded by gifted musicians who help to sharpen my skills. The scripture says that “iron sharpens iron”. Music and studying the Word of God are my two passions. Another passion is being married to Suzette, who also encourages me in my walk with the Lord. We enjoy sweet fellowship together as we study and read God’s Word and pray together. ​​

Scott Clark


I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior in 1983. In my earliest days as a Christian, I had a strong desire to teach and preach the Word of God. It wasn’t long before I started teaching a class of 9th-grade boys in my church. A short time later I started preaching in a nearby nursing home. After a couple of years, I was invited to preach here at the 60th Street Baptist Church. In 1993, I was invited to travel to Panama to preach revival services in two churches. One year later I was invited to Suriname to preach. That is where I met my wife Lily. I returned to Suriname six months later to marry her. Over the past twenty-six years, God has given us opportunities to minister His Word in seventeen countries around the world. For many years, I have had the privilege to teach an adult bible class here at 60th Street Baptist Church. I also play drums in our church praise band. Lily has been blessed to teach a children’s class for many years.​

Kory Manchester

Assistant Music Director

Kory and RaeAnn Manchester came to 60th Street Baptist Church in May of 2017 from Seymour, Missouri. RaeAnn’s father, Joe McEwen, a retired Navy chief, electronics instructor for P-tech, and long-time Pinellas Park resident, had recently developed serious health conditions and required skilled nursing care. RaeAnn, following God’s conviction, and having years of skilled nursing experience, could think of no better and more honorable solution than for her, Kory, and their granddaughter, Brielle Waterhouse, to move to Pinellas Park indefinitely to care for her father. Kory and RaeAnn write and perform their original music as often as they are able at the church’s Solid Grounds Coffeehouse and several local venues, in addition to serving on the praise and worship team. RaeAnn plays mandolin for the praise and worship team. Kory plays guitar and several other instruments. RaeAnn has also served in the food pantry and is an active participant in the ladies' auxiliary,   Kory and RaeAnn pray the Lord continues to move both in and through them as servants of God’s perfect and holy will.

Sergio Gonzalez

Pastor of Spanish Ministry

Pastor Sergio Gonzalez is a missionary from Costa Rica. He has been a pastor in Florida, U.S.A. for twenty years. He has been with 60th Street Baptist  Church for the past three years. He teaches Sunday School and preaches to the Spanish people from all over Latin America.

He is currently the director of the Grace Christian Ministry: a private non-profit organization that develops a series of evangelism and discipleship programs in various countries in Central America. 

Pastor Gonzalez is the founding director of the Christian magazine Gracia, in 1984. He recently published Josias, a story based on the events described in the Bible. If you want to know about your local and international ministry, visit the site

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